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Adopt or Foster a Cat

Interested in adopting or fostering one of our cats? Learn more about adopting or fostering a cat or kitten from Friends of Normie. FON is an independent rescue operating in Orange County, CA with a mission to save cats one product at a time. 

Adoption Application

If you're ready to adopt and welcome one of our cats into your family, we would love to see if you could be a great fit! Click the link to take the next step.

Foster Application

Interested in caring for one of our rescue kitties until they find their forever home? Submit an application to start the process today.


What is the Adoption Process?

In order to adopt a kitty from FON, we start with an application. Once your app is reviewed, you’ll be called for a phone interview.

Our main objective is to find our cats a true forever home. We have close relationships with our adopters and consider them a part of our FON family.

What is the Foster Process?

The foster process is supposed to be fun, easy and rewarding. To become a foster with FON, we need a foster application on file and you’ll receive a call once your application has been reviewed. The phone call goes over what kind of foster situation you’re looking for and the different types of cats currently in need. This is normally the same day it’s submitted.

Once you are an approved foster, you’ll receive your kitty or kitties! We do ask that fosters provide their own supplies during their foster time so we can save our donations to put towards medical bills.

The foster process is normally no more than 3-4 weeks. All we ask from fosters is to love their foster kitty, feed them, keep them safe and send photos for adoption! FON does the rest. Fosters are the heart and soul of our rescue and we can’t do it without them.

Why foster/adopt from Friends of Normie?

At Friends of Normie, we take our cats' health and well-being extremely seriously. We are 100% foster-based and our fosters are committed to rehabbing, socializing, and loving their foster kitties. All of our cats are from the streets, owner surrenders, or terrible situations. When you adopt a kitty from FON, you are TRULY saving a life.